D2L: Introducing the Desire2Learn Continuous Delivery Model

Jeremy Auger

Introducing the Desire2Learn Continuous Delivery Model

Desire2Learn values our relationships with our clients and it is our goal to make your experience with us as rewarding as possible.  As a rapidly growing organization we are constantly evolving to better serve you, with the goal of having you running the most robust version of our product to ensure the best user experience.  With that in mind we are introducing a Continuous Delivery model.

Continuous Delivery is a method of delivering updated technology to our clients that enables rapid, incremental delivery of high quality, valuable new functionality to users.  This new frictionless model makes it possible to increase collaboration with our clients and adapt software in line with user feedback and needs for incremental and easily integrated changes.

This more agile approach of incremental updates offers our clients the benefits of a greater code quality, as we remove the need to monitor a long list of historical releases.  This also provides extensive benefits from a support perspective as our teams can focus on the details of the current release and do not have to address issues that could be resolved in newer versions of the software.

We will be communicating more details around this Continuous Delivery model at FUSION in a session on Wednesday July 17th at 2:00 PM.  For those unable to join us at FUSION we will be holding a client webinar in the weeks following the conference. Should you have immediate questions about this program or you would like to coordinate a one-on-one discussion at FUSION about this we encourage you to reach out to your Desire2Learn Account Manager to coordinate scheduling.


Jeremy Auger
CTO & Executive Vice President
Desire2Learn Incorporated

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